Our Work Process

When you visit Elite Auto Restoration, you will notice every step of the restoration process is carried out in our own shop. Each project is meticulously managed to ensure optimum cost-efficiency for our customers.


Our shop procedures are carefully streamlined to eliminate unnecessary downtime, and highly detailed cost estimates are provided at every stage of the project. This allows us to control the quality, cost, and timing of the work. But more than being a matter of control, it’s a matter of pride.


We simply will not trust your car, and our reputation, to anyone else.


When it is absolutely necessary to sublet a repair, we have affiliates that are #1 in the business



Stage One  


 The first stage is dis assembly, where each part is carefully examined, inventoried and carefully stored. The entire process is thoroughly photographed and documented.


Work then begins on the chassis and the body. All structural woodwork is repaired or replaced as required, and every spot weld is carefully examined.


Next, the vehicle moves to the highly specialized body shop area. Here, our skilled craftsmen employ traditional techniques to recreate the necessary part – anything and everything from a fender to a complete panel. These traditional methods include such skills as hammer welding – creating flush seams, which are completely invisible, inside and out.


Now we turn to the engine and mechanical requirements.   Skilled restoration mechanics work to ensure that everything is balanced, synchronized and tuned to perfection.


My Mechanics are best known on the salt flats racing ford mustangs, “Hahn Brothers Racing” brings their knowledge to Elite Restoration, We make their presents known with mechanical artistry at a reasonable price.



Stage Two


With any classic car, internal beauty is as important as the exterior. From radios, to clocks, to instruments and gauges, we will repair or rebuild every component, and ensure it’s working just as perfectly as the day it was delivered to its first proud owner.


Then, there’s your comfort to consider. Our skilled upholsterers are experts in working with every type of material, recreating any interior with the very best leathers, wool carpets, and canvas toppings.


When finished, the result is a luxurious interior that breathes with the unforgettable richness and aroma of polished wood and leather.



Stage Three


The classic mirror finish – there’s nothing quite like the gleam of a newly painted and polished exterior. Such perfection takes time, skill and hard work.


First the coachwork surface must be painstakingly prepared. Every panel must be un-waveringly straight, aligned and free of any imperfections. Then, we combine our state-of-the-art painting systems and the highest quality automotive paints (PPG Paint) with hand-rubbed beauty to achieve that classic mirror finish.


If needed, your gleaming, fully-restored car is then carefully directed onto our car carrier for its journey home. This safe, secure delivery service reflects Elite Restoration’s commitment to ensuring your vehicle is properly handled at every stage. Our drivers are in constant radio contact with our dispatch operator enabling us to accurately coordinate our shipping schedules.


It’s the closing step in a carefully orchestrated process that begins with a friendly “Welcome to Elite Restoration”, and ends with a special final touch – YOURS.